War of Nations FAQ, Walkthrough and Beginner’s Guide part 2

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There are two different types of upgrades that can be given to each of your commanders. The main kind of upgrade, consisting of such things as the combat exoskeleton and the field med kit, is done using microchips, scrap metal and salvaged batteries, among other items, which can be found via the completion of missions and by attacking and raiding other players’ bases. Higher level versions of these upgrades also cost gold (which is the premium currency in the game). Experimental items cost power cells and have a chance to fail. The more power cells you choose to spend, the better of a chance that you have of the upgrade being successful; if it’s unsuccessful, the upgrade will drop back down a level instead.

Now comes the real fun, which is in attacking, capturing, destroying and stealing resources. You can attack players and non-player characters – rival players’ bases will be outlined in red, and NPCs in orange. Attacking a warehouse or a resource building enables you to steal resources – attacking any other building simply destroys it. Once a building’s health runs out, it’s technically “destroyed”.

The one building that can’t be destroyed is your command center HQ, which is the command center for your main base. Everything else is fair game. Whenever a building gets attacked, it loses health, and it will be destroyed if its health is gone, which causes it to function at only about half the usefulness (depending on the building) that it would otherwise. Luckily, it’s free to repair a building, and for the majority of buildings, it only takes three seconds to accomplish.

Command centers for your outposts, though, are a different story. When they get attacked, your army loses morale, which recovers over time if your command center doesn’t get attacked. The more attacks are unleashed, and the more effective they are against you, the more morale is lost. Once the morale hits 0, your outpost is either totally destroyed, or is taken over. The more troops that your command center has stationed there (and the stronger your army is), the less likely that you’ll have a building get destroyed or lose your morale and your command centers.

War of Nations FAQ, Walkthrough and Beginner’s Guide

There are new limited time missions, as well, which run out after a certain number of time. They consist of a chain of quests, each with their own rewards, but if you complete every single one of the quests before the time runs out, you’ll earn a HUGE reward, such as a super rare and very powerful commander.

You can buy a number of items if you have the gold to do so. Various buffs give you new commanders, commander experience points, more energy or stars for your commanders. The speedup store will allow you to cut time off of your various tasks by using speedup buffs. Resource packs can load you up with resources without you having to wait for your buildings to produce them. The bronze, silver and gold crates give you random items – the more precious the metal, the better the item will usually be. The base shield will put you back into protection mode, giving you immunity for 12 to 24 hours, depending on which boost you buy. There are other items too, such as the morale boosters.

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