Smash Bandits Cheats: Tips & Tricks

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Get the Sports Compact Car ASAP
There is really no need to upgrade and invest too much in the yellow economy car because you will want the Sports Compact car instead which has more room to grow and at 10,000 bucks it’s really cheap. I would therefore suggest getting it as soon as possible and upgrade everything three times before purchasing the real car, the Sports Sedan.

Watch out for red cops cars!
Whenever a cop car turns red, it means that they’re about to ram you. So try to lose them or ram them back (I always play with the ram upgrade, it’s totally worth it!)

In my case, I start all my races with the RAM gadget and I’d recommend you do the same too. At 500 it’s totally worth it as it helps me get further in the game and brings in some extra coins. Never since I started playing this game I made less coins than the cost of the RAM gadget, so you’ll always be on a profit. The others should be used just to complete the missions, with the note that the Tank Stash can be pretty useful if you get to use it (it turns your car into a TANK)

Smash Bandits Cheats Tips & Tricks

Fast speeds are not always the best option
Strangely, I found out that if I stop my car, the police cars will stop as well. Also, if you drive slower, it’s easier for you to control your car and the risk of getting random damage from steering or jumping into the sea is minimized. So don’t go at maximum speed, take your finger off the acceleration button and you’ll get far!

The first continue might actually worth it!
I’ve had great results using the first continue for just 1 Bandit Chip after my car was wrecked. You get to keep all the boosts that you have (including the Tank) and you will surely get farther in the game.

Smash with caution!
This might sound like a strange tip to start with for a game called “Smash Bandits” but it is really important: you only have a limited amount of powerful smashes that your car can handle (5, to be precise) so you should really try and not waste them in crashing into other cars on the road, rocks or trees. You will generally lose 1 smash whenever you go through a cop car barrier unless you go straight through the middle, and you’ll probably hit the stinger every now and then, so it’s better to reduce random smashing as much as possible.

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