Pou Cheats: Tips, Hints, Tricks and Guide

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Make Pou Fatter

Feed pou lots of food and keep doing it until he or she has stretched to the side of the screen, if you want him to go back to normal buy a fat burner potion and give it to pou.

Pou mini game

Take papir and pencil.drove four pous same as in game pou sounds. Then when the game starts write down numbers over pous in what way they sing. Then write number over pou every round and repeat it. Its easy my highscore is 103

Trick on sky jump

More score on sky jump? Well the solution is here feed your pou coming he is fat … And play sky jump xd this is a simple cheat.

Pou Cheats Tips, Hints, Tricks and Guide

Pou mini-games guide

As you probably know already, one of the most important elements of the game is to make as many coins as possible and spend them on the ton of items available for purchase. The easy way is to spend real money to pay for the items, but the fun way in Pou is to play the minigames. Let’s have a quick look at the mini-games and the best ones to play for you to get the most money!

Food Drop: Fast paced, short play time, low rewards
Sky Jump: High difficulty, low rewards
Free Fall: Easy, solid rewards, medium play time
Color Match: For Match three experts, difficult for me, rewards based on skill
Match Tap: One of the easiest ways to make a ton of coins. Possibly endless
Color Tap: Quick reflexes needed, short play time, medium rewards
Sad Tap: Reflexes and attention required, pretty demanding on the eyes, medium rewards
Pou Popper: Requires some skill and can take a long time. Rewards are only medium
Goal: Time consuming, requires some skill, very low rewards
Find Pou: Relatively easy if you can focus. It’s time consuming but it does offer good rewards.
Memory: Time consuming and results are based on skills. If you are good, you can get moderate to high coins.
Connect: Solid brain teaser, time consuming but offers low rewards.
Pou sounds: Pretty difficult memory game, time consuming, low rewards

So… which of these mini games to keep playing in order to get the most coins to spend on goodies? My suggestion is to focus on playing the following for the most coins, in this order: Match Tap, Free Fall and Memory. The others should be played only if you have time, the skills or you simply love those mini games!

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