Pocket Knights Tricks and Tips Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

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One of the first and most common problems that pops up during the game is filling up your warehouse. When your warehouse is full, we will not be allowed to venture on any more requests. First of all, upgrade your castle until its level is equivalent to the level of your player. Next, upgrade your warehouse until its level is the equivalent of your castles level. Your castle cannot be a higher level than your player, and your warehouse cannot be a higher level than your castle.

If you are just starting out the game, you should choose either the mage or the archer, because those two characters have long-range attacks. Almost everybody chooses the warrior, so if you have an archer or a mage that you can put in the back of your formation, you should find it very easy to find people whose heroes can give you assistance, since you will have a bigger selection of short range heroes than long-range heroes to choose from.

Pocket Knights Tricks and Tips

Each time that you go to the world tab, you can either play brand-new battles, or you can play old ones. If you go to an old battle, you will be able to choose the auto play option. Autoplay is an excellent way to gain a massive amounts of experience points on an area that you have already beaten. However, you will use up all of your AP very quickly.

Anytime something flashes red on your main map screen, tap it and rifle through all of the tabs to find various bonuses that you can collect. This does not apply to the events tab though, because it always flashes red, whether you have a bonus ready to collect or not. Participate in the events though, as their bonuses are often the best ones.

Every time that you invite a friend to participate in a battle as a member of your team, you will earn pal points. You will also earn pal points for praising friends or random people, adding friends, and being praised. Take your pal points and spend them all on card summons. Even the basic summons have a chance at earning you rare cards, and if you don’t want to keep the common cards around, you can still use them as sacrifices to power up your main cards.

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