My Muppets Show (iOS and Android) How to get Free Diamonds and More Coins and Food

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You get one free diamond every time you gain an experience level in My Muppets Show. This may not sound like a lot, but keep leveling up and saving your diamonds and eventually you will have enough for a rare muppet if you so choose.

Enter someone else’s referral code into your game and you can earn free diamonds as a reward. If you do not have a referral code, check the comments section of this article or check the review section of either the iTunes or Google Play App Store to see who has posted their codes.

Sometimes, at random when you clear away trash, a diamond will be found in the trash pile, and when you tap the “XP” bubble the diamond will go flying up into your collection. It happens very rarely, and it happens so quickly that sometimes it is hard to notice when it actually happens, so pay close attention to your diamond counter.

The best way to get more coins is collecting them from muppets, but your coins will skyrocket after you get Harv-E. Once you have Harv-E, you can then merge muppets together in order to earn new muppets. Most of the time, however, you’ll end up unlocking a Durwood Clapper. Despite its unwanted status, though, it’s incredible for earning coins.

My Muppets Show (iOS and Android) How to get Free Diamonds and More Coins and Food

Other than that, go pick up your roses and your friend’s roses. Complete goals as quickly as possible to earn lots of coins as goal rewards. Also, even if there is not a coin bubble above your muppet’s head, you can still collect from them at any time.

Food costs the same no matter what (10 coins for every 1 food), with the only difference in various orders from the concession stands being how long it takes you to get that food. The quickest way to get a huge quantity of food is to order the Spaghetti, which takes 1 hour to deliver 500 food. The Bacon and Eggs takes three hours to deliver 1,500 food, which is essentially the same time per food. Maximize the number of your concession stands, though, to earn food as quickly as possible.

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