Madden NFL 25 Top Tips For (iOS/Android)

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Madden NFL 25 Top Tips For (iOS/Android)

Flip your playlist over to “pro” for a whole bunch of unorthodox plays.
These include such plays as the halfback pass trick play option, or formations with one back, which make it much easier to go for a quarterback scramble. This is especially useful for the multiplayer modes, since real people are easier to throw off than the computer is.

Scramble during a passing play.
When you are on offense and you call a passing play, watch out for defenders running a blitz package on you. Back up, run to the side (but don’t cross the line of scrimmage, obviously), get away from the defense. Run to the side that your intended receiver is on for a clearer shot with a higher chance of a complete pass.

Save up for a Gold Starter Pack.
They cost 50,000 coins to get, but they are completely worth it. Gold card packs contain 10 gold cards, which will instantly increase your team’s rating massively – unless, of course, you already built up your team using the gold cards, or using even better cards, such as platinum, legend, or ultimate cards.

Madden NFL 25 (iOS Android) Tips and Tricks

Build up your team using the auctions and the solo challenges.
Solo Challenges earn you gold, platinum, legend and ultimate cards for FREE when you complete them. Auctions are a great place to buy cards at a discount. Bid on them like you bid on auctions on eBay – bid when there is very little time left. If you see a crazy low “Buy It Now” price for the quality of the card, go for it. Auctions are also a great place to find cards that are better than gold cards, for a surprisingly low price.

Control the market on platinum, ultimate and legend cards.
Buy them up with the coins that you earn from selling gold cards or from playing the game. Stockpile large amounts of these cards. Then, put a ton of them on the market at the same time, at far higher prices than you paid for them. When you control the market, you’ll be able to auction these cards off for as much as double the price that you paid for them. Then, you can wait for the average prices to drop down again, and buy them back (plus more).

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