Jewels Saga Cheats: Tips & Tricks

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1. No matter what your goal is, initially go for making matches of 4 or more to get the Flame Jewels (cause an explosion when used) or Lightning Jewels which clear an entire row.

2. If you have the ability to match 5 jewels in a row, do it without thinking twice. You will get a diamond jewel that, once used, will remove all the jewels of the same color from the board.

3. Always keep an eye on special jewels that may appear on the board (like ones with TNT around them) and use them if possible, but don’t focus your efforts on getting to use them and instead work on completing your goals.

4. If you happen to have a lightning jewel near a flame one, swap them for a major blast and a huge bonus to your high score.

Jewels Saga Cheats Tips & Tricks

5. Don’t hurry to complete a level! As strange as it might sound, completing a level in as few moves as possible will not always give you a high score. So always try to finish a level with as few moves as possible to have used all the power-ups in the game and have had your score boosted to the maximum.

6. Start at the bottom: this is usually working in most cases, as starting at the bottom fully changes the layout of the jewels and gives you a lot more options to play. Plus, it may result in more lines cleared with incoming jewels.

7. Take some time to strategise: it might seem strange to talk about strategy in such a game, but you need it. Especially when the number of the level you are playing is increasing, you will need a lot of strategy to plan your moves and make sure you always switch the right jewel.

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