Jelly Splash Hints, Cheats & Strategies Guide

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An easy cheat to get free lives is to set the time ahead on your phone when you run out. Set the time on your phone or iPad ahead half an hour for each life that you need to recover. When you set the time back to normal, the free lives will be gone and the recovery time will go back to normal, so set the time on your phone back to normal whenever you decide you’re done playing.

There are a variety of different styles of stages for the game. Go for the biggest combos of jellies as possible, in order to not only conserve your moves, but to cause more super jellies to appear. The bigger the combo, the more likely you are to get super jellies.

Start matches at the bottom

Unless you really have to remove mushrooms or slime guards at the top of the board, it’s a great idea to try and match jellies at the bottom because as new jellies will refill the board, new matches will be made and more will be cleared. This is a good strategy especially when you have boards with dark jellies at the top and bottom: focus at the bottom and you will most likely complete the top as you go.

Jelly Splash Hints, Cheats & Strategies Guide

-When you earn super jellies by connecting six or more jellies together, remember that they won’t necessarily destroy the row or the column they’re in. Instead, they’ll destroy the row or column depending where the last piece of your jelly string ends up. If you can, try to set up the final piece of your jelly connection in the same row or column as bothersome dark jelly. You’ll eliminate any pieces or mushrooms that get in the way, leaving you plenty of room to take them out.

Dark jelly stages are especially easy to beat with the super jellies. The spot that you stop your finger on is the spot where the jelly starts to destroy the row. If you get two of the same color super jellies in one row, then the rows above, below, left and right of where you stopped the combo will all be cleared out.

How to easily free captured jellies

I have had major headaches from a level that had me free a jelly in just a few moves but eventually I made it, after finding out that special jellies, if their ray hits the jelly you have to free, will count as 5 jellies. So keep that in mind, create the chains and blast them through the jelly you have to free. I managed to complete that level without spending coins on it, so it is possible!

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