Game of War: Fire Age – Attack Guide

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Game of War: Fire Age – Attack Guide

How to attack and occupy kingdoms, tiles and wonders

It all begins with training troops. Early on, you’ll only have the most basic troops – the swordsmen, the slingers, the outriders and the battering rams. This will be all that you have for awhile, so your goal should be to train a massive amount of them. Build more barracks, and upgrade the barracks as high as you can, in order to train as many of them as you can. You can’t train more than one line of troops, but you can increase the size of the line.

Training several thousand basic troops will be more than enough to attack low level players and to occupy resource tiles. Resource tiles are unguarded. A good strategy early on if you want to rack up kills is to stalk the map, watch for players who are on a march to another kingdom, and then attack their kingdom while their armies are out of town.

It is possible for your hero to die during battle. If your hero dies, you can then hire a new hero. Your Gymnos, one of the most forgotten buildings in the entire game, will allow you to transfer your old hero’s experience points over to your new hero. The more you upgrade the Gymnos, the more experience it is possible to save.

Game of War Fire Age – Attack Guide

You have one hero, and you only have one hero throughout the game. You can, however, send troops on a march with or without the hero, and you’ll unlock more marches as you upgrade the stronghold. You’ll unlock a second march at stronghold level six, a third march at stronghold level 11, a fourth march at stronghold level 16 and a fifth march at stronghold level 21.

Start training those advanced troops, but since this is a numbers game, whether you train beginning or advanced troops, train as high a number of them as you can. Be sure to include the siege weapons too, because they will easily be able to break down defenses that other players build on their city walls.

Your hero has a huge effect upon your statistics. You can level them up, which earns you skill points, which can then be spent to upgrade troop attack, troop training and other combat related skills (as well as non combat related skills). Boosts can be purchased using gold, which then apply to all troops that are under the hero’s command.

Game of War: Fire Age – Attack Guide part 2

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