Farm Heroes Saga Guide to Farm Club And Hero Mode

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Guide to Farm Club: Unlockable Animals

Animals can be recruited in special levels. The unlocked animals can then be exchanged for boosters. Click the Farm Club to check which special levels unlock an animal. You will need to earn stars to collect animals. For example, you will need to earn one star in stages 7, 18 and 38 to recruit a chicken, duck and frog respectively to get a free booster. Earn 2 stars in the same stages and you unlock three or more animals, which can be exchanged for a power-up.

Hero Mode

A hero mode is activated when you have moves left and already completed the goal needed to pass the level. For example, if you have to complete a level with 10 moves, but you do it in 8 moves. Then after achieving the goal in 8th move hero mode will be activated for the last two moves.

In Hero Mode, +1 bonus is added randomly to fruits and resources, giving you a chance to earn more fruits, fill the growth meter and collect more magic beans.

Use Gold bars to buy extra moves, extra lives and other elements. The game gives 20 gold bars for free. After using all gold bars, you will need to buy them using FB credits. Use Gold bars sparingly and make sure you save them for the most challenging levels.

Farm Heroes Saga

When you collect all the requested fruits, you will activate Hero Mode. In this mode, every turn random fruits will be given bonus numbers. Make good use of that to reach the highest growth possible. So for collecting more magic beans Hero Mode is a best way. The more growth you get after finishing a level, the more magic beans you will be rewarded.

Boosters will come to your rescue when you can’t find match, but use them sparingly. Make sure you use a booster when more matches have to be made in few moves. You can use it for a maximum of 3 times. Once it is over, the booster replenishes every 5-12 hours. If you want a booster immediately, you will need to buy it by spending FB coins or have them for free by recruiting animals in select levels.

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