Dragons of Atlantis – Heirs of the Dragon Walkthrough, Wiki, FAQ and Beginner’s Guide

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The more of them that you build, the higher your hourly income. You can upgrade them, as well, in order to increase the hourly income. Each build and upgrade takes time to complete; however, they can be completed early using speed ups. Plus, there’s gold, which will be earned by your idle population (those who are not currently working in a resource building or as a troop).

In the main city area, your Fortress is your main center of operations. From here, you can increase or decrease your tax rate (which changes your city’s hourly gold income, as well as inversely affecting their population and their happiness) and check out the stats of your buildings. Every time that you upgrade the Fortress you’ll unlock more resource building spots, among other things.

Training troops is where you start to figure out the core of the game. You start off with Conscripts which are weak troops, but you can unlock many more troops with a combination of upgrading your Garrison, building and upgrading troop-specific buildings, and researching new technologies. Each troop has a number of statistics, such as health, defense, melee or ranged damage, speed, range and load (the amount of resources that they can carry per raid).

Your attack troops are your Conscripts, Halberdiers, Minotaurs, Longbowmen, Swift Strike Dragons, Battle Dragons, Giants and Fire Mirrors. Your carrier troops are the Porters and the Armored Transports. Spies, of course, are the spy troops (their abilities can be upgraded via Clairvoyance). Spying on an opponent before you battle them is the key to figuring out what troops they have, how many of each troop, and how many resources. Winning battles is ultimately a numbers game – it’s about who has the better stats.

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You can attack Anthropus camps and wilds. Wilds can be occupied in order to increase the hourly income of one of your resources per wild, and when you have occupied the maximum amount of wilds, you can still raid them for one specific type of resource. Anthropus camps can be attacked, but level by level, they are stronger than the wilds, and they mostly provide food, wood and gold, with very little stone or metals coming from them. They are computer controlled, and each one of them has the same amount of power per level.

Players can be attacked if they don’t have the big white bubble around them (which signifies that they are under beginner protection). Attack them and you can raid their resources and kill their troops. You can use their power level to see what you’re generally up against, but if your power levels are fairly similar, scout their troops to make sure you aren’t going up against a lopsidedly large army.

Rubies are the premium currency of the game, and there is a whole range of buffs and bonuses that you can buy with them, ranging from increased resources, to getting back the protection on your city, or boosting the attack and defense of your troops. These can all be found in the item tab.

Joining an alliance is a great way to enhance the gameplay experience. You and your alliance members can send troops back and forth, as well as send resources back and forth. In alliance play, one member can volunteer their alliance as a rally point for troops, and the alliance can create a huge, combined army that can devastate even the highest level players.

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