Dragons of Atlantis: Heirs of the Dragon Tips and Tricks Guide, Hints, Cheats and Strategies

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Keep your Storage Vault upgraded in order to hide resources from other players, and make them immune to getting stolen. This should be one of the first things that you use a Completion Scroll on, since it’s so important. With a fully-leveled vault, you’ll be able to set your troops on evade at all times because it won’t be all that important to defend what few resources you have past 500,000 apiece.

When you’re scouting Wilds and Anthropus Camps, they’ll use different troop types than other players will, which will seem mostly unfamiliar. Available Anthropus troops include Brats, Cannibals, Stenches, She-Devils, Clubbers, Hurlers, Shredders, Chieftains and Bloods. Advance your Clairvoyance and send in huge armies of scouts to find out more about their stats but in general, think of Brats and Cannibals like Conscripts, Stenches and She-devils like Halberdiers, Clubbers as Minotaurs, Hurlers as Longbowmen, Shredders as Battle Dragons, Chieftains like Giants and Bloods like Fire Mirrors. Add a little more strength to your estimations for each, though.

The only ‘free’ way to get more Dragon Armor is to complete the Grodz base battles. You can’t get it by beating any Anthropus Camps unlike in the desktop version of Dragons of Atlantis. Your other alternative is to buy the Great Dragon chests in the store using rubies, which can be expensive, but worth it if you want to unlock the Dragon much more quickly.

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For an instant population boost, go to the fortress and decrease the taxes. Your population goes up as your taxes go down and vice versa, so this is a good way to get more bodies that you can then train into troops. This is especially helpful once you start training Swift Strike Dragons and higher, since they cost more than 1 of your population apiece.

Even if you already have the maximum amount of wilds in your possession, attack other wilds anyways whenever you need to refill one of your resources other than food. Anthropus Camps usually contain massive amounts of food, fairly large quantities of wood and miniscule amounts of stone and metals, so attacking hills and mountains is your best bet.

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