Covet Fashion Tips,Hints,Tricks and Cheats for iPhone – iPod

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Get cash to build your closet without cheating

The fastest way to earn money in game without spending money or cheating. (Beware spending actual money on this game because if you "log out" or something happens to your phone they will not restore your game despite asking for your email to start. I found this out the hard way when I had to replace a broken iphone and had spent $30 on the game. Luckily Apple will credit me the money I spent. Not the time. Not the "exclusive items" I won.)
So having to start over…
You will see three black Horizontal lines on the left upper screen. Press. Tap "Enter Events." On the right hand side you will see "Challenges." Here you will get immediate payment of $250 for each successful entry, and it costs nothing but the cost of the item to enter. If you can use items from your closet you will net $250. You will not be judged, so don’t worry about your outfit being prefect or having items not called for in the challenge. Payment is immediate, and you can do the next challenge.
You must satisfy the criteria. If you purchase things for less than $250 or are able to use things from your closet you will net money. Items will change (become unavailable), so this is a guide.
Read the requirement!!! Use the 3 horizontal bars (on the right this time) to search items in your closet. If you have selected the brand or item needed and you don’t have it, press shop (left lower) and it will take you directly to that category. BE CAREFUL! You must use this tip because what may look like a boot or a maxi to you may not be considered that by the game. (Very stupid!) Best to use the TINY navigation buttons. Use "type" unless a brand is specified.

  • Skirt Around (Cheapest skirt Twenty Mini $118. Net $107. This is also a popular skirt)
  • Posh jewelry (Karen London Locals only STUD hoops $85. You net $165.
  • Sock Style (Socks are cheap. Pick what you like. A croquet challenge comes up and you will need socks.) You should net $200 or more from this.
  • Citrus Orange.
  • Leather Luxe (I bought suede leather bracelet $98.) Net $157
  • Slithering Snake
  • Wicked Wedges (Buy the cream/yellow wedges $245. They are hot and will fulfill the next challenge too. Net $5
  • Dynamic Yellow. Net $250 if you bought the wedges.
  • Reflective Gold
  • Punchy Plaid
  • Carry-All totes (If you buy the brown it will fulfill a future quest. Many buy the green. I bought the white first time around.)
  • Edgey Ombre
  • Rich Brown
  • MAgnetic Metallic
  • Feminine Floral
  • Brave bracelets
  • Great Graphic (If you make sure this is a skinny jean, you can use it for…)
  • Sexy Skinny Net $250
  • Sly Sneakers
  • Mad about Mid Thigh (Make sure your first skirt is Mid thigh.) Net $250
  • Lively Lace
  • Lovely Long Jumpsuits (You can use the hideous jumpsuit you got for your first entry)
  • Elegant Earrings
  • Opulent Off white (Again, use the bars!)
  • Jubilant Jacquard (Search Jacquard)
  • Tough Boots (Ha!) You have the choice of white or beige at this time. They are suede.
  • Sinful Suede. Net $250 if you use the boots
  • Rad Vests. Jeans is cheapest at this time.
  • Distinctive Brocade
  • Striking Sequin

Covet Fashion Tips,Hints,Tricks and Cheats for iPhone - iPod

By making careful choices, you will have extra money to spend on limited time challenges and things you like.
Initially they gave you $500 and 20 tickets per day. They made an announcement that they were changing it to $250 mand 10 every 8 hours or 3x a day. This has yet to happen for me. I was getting 1x a day. Virtual shoes are $500. That is $5 if you buy the gems that convert to game dollars. Another VERy expensive game from Crowd Star.
In timed events, do not enter unless there are several hours left or you will not get votes to win items. Seems fixed as ugly outfits win on a regular.
Also… some entries have items that are NOT available to buy, nor are they won items. These are probably employees. I do not vote for them.
Remember to "like" an outfit before voting if you think it is a good one. I it is an important aspect of the game.
All of the info I gave is not a hack but will help you if you decide to play this game without paying big bucks. Since you can not recover your game (which is insane) I suggest you do not pay for gems.

When will a App update and new levels walkthrough be released?

We can’t know exactly when Crowdstar Inc company will publish the next application update and additional levels, but probably the they are working on it right now. Your support and opinion is required, so please share it with us here. We try and keep in touch with Crowdstar Inc to let them know your comments and keep interaction between them and their users here at our website. We will be happy to hear from you.
From now on app support will also cover all platforms versions.

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