Can you escape level 6 walkthrough

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The garage with the red motor car
Can you escape level 6 solution
Zoom in on the cabinet on the left, next to the cactus plant.
Take the yellow trolley jack from under the cabinet.

Zoom in on the wooden block puzzle and solve it.
The blocks form a pyramid where each number is a multiplication of the 2 numbers below it.
168 = 12 x 14.

So row 3 = 6 2 7
and row 4 = 3 2 1 7

Lift the bottom plank below the pyramid and the blue weight.

Zoom in onto the pot and pot plant in the top right wall.
Take the yellow stick (part of the jack).
Use the yellow stick on the jack to complete the trolley jack.

Zoom in on the car.
Use the jack to lift the car.
Take the red weight.

Zoom in on the gecko to see yellow 2.
Zoom in on the LVL6 above the door to see green 6.
Zoom in on the safe in the top right corner, lift the bowl on top of it to see red 6.
Zoom in on the white light behind the pot plant  to see blue 2.

Zoom in on the safe and open using the above numbers.
Yellow 2, Red 6, Green 6, Blue 2.
Take the green weight.

Zoom in on the hooks below the gecko
Attach the 3 weights according to their color to the correct hook
Zoom out and then open the grey wood above it to get the red key.

Use the red key on the lock left of the door.
Enter the elevator to solve level 6.

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