Can you escape level 10 walkthrough

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The beige room with red carpet.

Can you escape level 10 solution
Take the pencil form behind the pot plant on the table in the top right corner.
Take the drill bit from the cup on the same table.
Take the paper from the stepladder.
Open the chest on the floor and take the hand drill.
Combine the drill and drill bit.

Zoom in on the picture above the plant to the left of the elevator.
Notice the X.
Zoom out, then tap just left to the bottom of the elevator door (location of the X)
You will see a circle. Drill it to make a hole.
Look inside the hole to see the colors: blue blue yellow yellow green green.

Zoom behind the plant in the lower left corner. There is a red box.
Change the colors as per what you saw in the hole: blue blue yellow yellow green green
Take the yellow ring from inside.

Zoom into the vent above the ladder.
Remove the vent cover
Insert the paper into the bottom opening of the container inside the vent.
Use the pencil to push the golden key out.
Pull the paper then take the golden key.

Use the yellow key to open the box to the right of the door, under the plates.
Take the binoculars

Zoom in on the window.
Zoom in again then use the binoculars to read the code: 12-8-5

Lift the mat in front of the table on the right.
Change the numbers from left to right to 12, 8, 5
Take the round container.

Zoom in on the brown slot left of the door.
Insert the round container.
Insert the yellow ring

Zoom out.
Enter the elevator to solve level 10!

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