Bloons TD 5 Cheats, tips, tricks, and Hints for iPhone–iPod part 2

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Money from ice rink

In ice rink on easy and medium hard if you want even more money get two tack shooters on the first two crosses then upgrade them to 3-2 then get wizard for lead then get monkey farms and agent farmer then upgrade to 4-2 then get anything you want.

Unlimited monkey money

Go to the chest collect money then go to settings and then go to date and time and then change the day 1 forward then go back to the game and tap the chest again.

Easy Monkey Money

Go to the last special mission and select it. Start the round then tap the home button on your iPod and then hit it twice. Then hold down BTD5 and hit the minus. Then go back to the game and you have infinite lives.

How to defeat Camo Leads?
Get Monkey Village with Radar Scanner (0/2) and have a Bomb Tower OR Boomerang Thrower (4/2) nearby the village. You can also use Ninja Monkey (2/3) OR Dart Monkey (4/2) or Spike Factory (2/0) OR Monkey Sniper (2/2) OR SPECIAL AGENTS: Super Monkey Storm (SMS).

How to farm cash quickly in early game?
Hire 2 glue gunner (2/1) and position them at the entrance and have a Spike Factory at the bloon exit. Also have a tower such as Ninja Monkey between them and target strong. The middle tower will pop the strong bloon, making them reach slower to the exit and giving time for the glue acid to take its effectiveness. If the glued Bloon make it with at least 1 Red/Blue Bloon, the spikes laid by the Spike Factory will pop those escapees. From there, you can start farming cash and invest in 2 Monkey Farms (2/0)

Bloons TD 5 Cheats, tips, tricks, and Hints for iPhone - iPod

BTD5 Tower Pros and Cons

1) Spike Factory (3/2) easily destroy a Blue Blimp.
2) Spike Factory (4/2) easily destroy a Red Blimp and Rush of Regen Ceramic Bloon.
3) Boomerang Thrower (2/3) easily pops Ceramic Bloon.
4) Boomerang Thrower (3/2) efficiently pops long queue of weak Bloon.
5) Use Tack Shooter to eliminate Bloon rush in early game while farming cash for other tower.
6) Use Glue Gunner and Ice Tower to slow enemies down while hurting them in the process.
7) Best combo with Ice Tower is Boomerang Thrower (4/2) or Monkey Apprentice (2/3).
8) Sell of Spike Factory (4/2) for a Super Monkey (3/2) when you have sufficient cash.
9) Aid Sun God with Village (3/2), Ice Tower (4/2) and Glue Gunner (4/2) to easily wipe out Camo Ceramic Regenerating Bloons.

BTD5 Abbreviations

BF – Banana Farm
DC – Daily Challenge
MM – Monkey Money
#LL – Number of Life Lost (Example: 30LL means 30 Life Lost)
NLL = No Lives Lost
NAPS = No Agents, Premiums, or Specialty buildings
NAPSIR = No Agents, Premiums, Specialty buildings, Injections, or Road items
NAPSIRLL = No Agents, Premiums, Specialty buildings, Injections, Road items, or Lives Lost

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