Amateur Surgeon 3 Mumbo Jungle Walkthrough: Veins Problems!

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How to complete a specific level in Amateur Surgeon 3 in the Mumbo Jungle, the Kannibal Korner level where we have to operate on the guy who had his feed chewed off by piranhas. This is clearly one of the most difficult levels in the game and the first real challenge – one that we haven’t been able to solve and that’s driving us crazy.

The problem with this level is when you need to connect the two veins or arteries that have blood dropping out of them at incredible rates. We have to use the clamps then the tongs, but nothing seems to work. Let’s start on this walkthrough to see how things go…

It all begins nice and smooth with the stage below:


All you have to do is to use the tongs first to remove the piranhas by quickly pulling in the exact opposite direction of their entry. Then use the stapler for the big cuts, lighter to cauterize them and the healing gel and you’re done!

This gets us to another easy level, attaching a leg:


Again you have to cauterize wounds and heal them, then use the chainsaw to cut the broken part, remove it with the tongs and use them to place the brand new leg and you’re done!

And then the nightmare begins in Amateur Suregeon 3, with the leaky artery:


The obvious thing to do is to first use the clamps and screw them in place as we did. You can also use the tongs to move the bone in place, cauterize and use healing gel. However, no matter how much we try to put the arteries in a straight line and get them connected, we can’t do it.

Crystal managed to do it and shared her knowledge: “the arteries have to fit together perfectly straight. You will know when you do it right because the black lines will show up and then you need the burn it. Then move on to the next artery. And do the same. Keep playing!”

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